July 08, 2019

hooded blankets

Hooded Blankets are printed on one side and feature a thick and luscious sherpa on the under-side. The sherpa version of the hooded blankets also come with an exciting feature, wrist loops. These loops were added to assist your customers who are trying to stay warm and mobile at the same time,

June 15, 2019

hooded wearable blankets

During the frigid winter months, people are desperate for anything that will keep them warm. In recent years hooded blankets have become one of the more popular ways to fend off the cold. Last year, we launched our fleece hooded blankets with customizable mittens, a feature that your customers won’t find anywhere else, and now we’re back with our new sherpa edition of the hooded blanket.

May 26, 2019

laama clothing

hooded blankets are also printed and sewn in the United States. This means we have shorter production and delivery times than other POD providers that have to ship from overseas.