500 patients were remembered for the investigation, 83.2% of whom were ladies. Mean patient age was 38.8 years and BMI was 44.1kg/m2. The most well-known comorbidities were hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. Laparoscopic gastric detour a medical procedure was acted in 85.8% of the patients, sleeve gastrectomy in 13%, and correction medical procedures in 1%. There were 9.8% early entanglements and 12.2% late ones, without any passings. By and large weight reduction as the abundance weight reduction rate at 12 and two years was 76.9 and 77.6%. The best weight reduction at a year was found in the patients that went through laparoscopic gastric detour. A sum of 11.4% of the patients had treatment disappointment. In the patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, 68.7% gave total sickness abatement and 9.3% with fractional reduction. There was improvement in 21.8% of the cases.